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This is a picture of Diana Singureanu, provider of qualified Spanish Translators, Spanish Interpreters and Spanish Conference Interpreters. Spanish provides interpreting and translation services from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish and graduated with Master Awards in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies. She works with several Spanish Interpreters, Spanish Conference Interpreters, and Spanish Translators who provide Spanish Interpreting services Spanish Conference Interpreting Services and Spanish Translating services. Picture of spectacles signifying proofreading services provided by our Spanish Conference Interpreters, Spanish Interpreters and Spanish Translators

Our team of Spanish translators specialises in legal, financial, medical & technical translations. Due to their proactive attitude they are always ready to help resolve any issues and flexible to meet any requirements. They are committed to undertaking continual professional development and they abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice


nicolaNICOLA | Why Choose Me?

My BA Honours Spanish degree has provided me with an in-depth knowledge of both the Spanish language and culture. I have worked as a translator for the past three years and my skills and knowledge have been developed through this time. I have experience of proofreading and translating documents both academically and professionally in literary, legal, technical and tourism fields. From studying at a Bachelor level and having work experience in this field I have now decided to further my skills of translation through a MA in Translation.

About me

I have been living and working in Spain for the past five years and I feel deeply emerged into the Spanish culture. Therefore my cultural awareness adds value to my work. I am a highly motivated and organised individual with a passion for languages. I am a native British citizen and I have studied through UK universities

I care passionately about my work and my workplace principals reflect this. I have worked both as an individual freelancer and as part of a team. Organisation is a key value for me when working both individually and as part of a team because my work environment always requires adhering to tight deadlines. Perseverance is also one of my key values because I believe it presupposes confidence and determination in an individual.

My Education as Spanish Translator

Nottingham Trent University – BA (hons) Spanish with TESOL – a four year sandwich degree. A distinction in my year abroad. A distinction in spoken Spanish.
University of Portsmouth – MA Translation – currently studying
I am constantly striving to improve and re-assess my personal development in order to become a better translator and to achieve more. My goals include improving my strengths and expertise in the translation field and learning to manage time more effectively.
ISTRAD – Preparation course for sworn translators (Madrid, Spain).

Spanish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Technical, literary, tourism, legal.
I have experience in conducting research and I pay a lot of attention to detail.


rrGEORGIANA | Why Choose Me?

I think that a high motivated person doesn’t bring just high standards in quality in a company,but also accuracy and makes the ambition grow at the same time..  University degrees,english-french AML intensive,graduated in 2009 and five languages speaker,three books translated from english to Romanian from different domains: informatics,medical and legal field for study and research at University Craiova,with experience in the field…I won’t bring just  hard work, but also trust,that represents a big point in every domain.

About me

  • My name is Georgiana and I’m 30 years old.I’m an official authorised translator/interpreter since 2010by minister of justice,Romania.Graduated the University Craiova in 2009 with batchelor’s degree in applied modern languages AML(english-french-romanian)intensive,with 181 ECTS credits.
    I speak four foreign languages(italian,spanish,english,french and romanian-mother language).I worked as freelance translator/interpreter since 2010 in Romania and for almost a year I collaborate with H&M as business interpreter english-romanian. Since 2015 since I moved to London I started working at as interpreter romanian-italian for NHS ,pregnancy advisory centre and also telephone interpreting for emergencies and community interpreting cases.Same community interpreting service I did also with Language and I also subscribed at Pearl Linguistics for emergencies interpreting and mental health interpreting.

What I learned in time and on my own is that self respect,discretion and commitment in such a diversity of people,is not just essential,but is a priority and a value in life.What I worship the most is my family and then the work I do with love and passion,because from it I learned what the word commitment means,not just in the loving place of home!
Sometimes,hard experiences give you more power to go on in life and self motivation is one of the gold rules trough success.
In all those years,being a mom and working in three countries,learning different languages,made me realise that people are so different and your moral values helps you pass trough any impediments you would have in your path.

My Education as Spanish Translator

Graduated Craiova University,Romania in 2009 with bachelor’s degree 10.00 % from 10.00% and bachelor of philology in the field of applied modern languages,study specialisation/program:translation/interpreting 181 ECTS credits,approved by ministry of education,research and innovation.
License no.29108 ,English translator/interpreter to perform translations for The Supreme Council of Magistracy,The Ministry of Justice,The Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Court of Cassation and Justice,The Anticorruption National Directorate,criminal prosecution bodies,courts of low,notary public offices,lawyers and officers of the court,issued 10-th day of june 2010,approved by the Department of Auxiliary Legal Professions.
I started to develop my skills in translations and interpreting field by having the possibility of working on my own as freelance in 2010and having also a collaboration of almost one year with H&M as interpreter for business meetings,my best friend being general manager at H&M in that period and that helped me open great possibilities and opportunities. I also made video interpreting for an american family in the field of business from Laughlyn,Nevada ,U.S.A.trough online video conference.They had two businesses in Bucharest and Brasov-Romania and in time the relation between us become very strong and the professional relation is still continuing when needed.
After I moved in London,and I started working with ,Language,Precision,Pearl Linguistics,in the medical field,and also community field,and I started to develop this area as much as I could and I also obtained six certificates in community interpreting,interpreting for NHS,mental health interpreting,health and safety,security,confidentiality,equality and environment,safeguarding children and vulnerable adults,legal and court interpreting.
Being a very active person in my job and also at home,in my free time I like to expand all my barriers and to explore new fields that captivates my attention.Loving art ,in general,I don’t do paintings just for relaxation,at the moment I am working at my portfolio to present it to London College of Art and see what are my priorities from there.In also have an advanced pc operator diploma attested by ministry of education and research,Romania.
In 2015 I obtained my hairstylist and make-up artist diploma,attested by ministry of labour,family,social security and senior citizens and by ministry of national education.

Services I offer as Spanish Translator

Translation, Proofreading
At the moment I offer interpreting services in almost all fields, business interpreting,Police and Court interpreting.,community interpreting(doctor practitioner appointments,emergencies,social worker appointments,NHS-pregnancy advisory centre, general appointments and emergencies.
Telephone interpreting in all kind of fields.
In Italy ,I also participate in few auctions as italian-english interpreter for:pieces of art and real estate auctions.

Spanish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

I studied translations in medical field since 2006 since I was at University and still going on this branch next to the other ones.I am doing face-to face and telephone interpreting for NHS since for two years now.
Informatics and legal-I started deepen this fields by saying yes to a nice challenge that Dean of Faculty of Letters by that period, Cosoveanu Gabriel gave me,and that was a deadline in translating from english to romanian and from french to english three books in 2009,and since then,after graduating and obtaining my license,I started to work as freelance in Romania,ever since .
Technical,literary,business field …etc
Medical field:general appointments,emergencies,pregnancy advisory field,mental health.(Finchley Memorial Hospital,King’s George Hospital,Marks Gate Health Center…etc
Community services:social care services for Da languages.
Telephone interpreting and conferences for social care appointments and emergencies,police,and NHS.For
Business interpreting over the phone and face-to face for H&M Bucharest-Romania,for a business developers family from Laughlyn ,Nevada,USA.

Professional Affiliations To Translation and Interpreting bodies

Latin Union Craiova-conference interpreter.
Voluntary work for Children’s Palace (songs in english,french,italian,spanish pronunciations and diction).


MartinaMARTINA | Why Choose Me?

As a freelance Spanish translator I’m comfortable with being punctual, accurate and fast in delivering translations. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in language mediation, translation and interpreting, which allows me to have a series of skills and knowledge acquired during the 3 years of university, therefore I’m sure I have the right qualities in order to meet criteria needed for this job. I’ve been even working as an intern in the UK for 3 months, then again in Italy for an Association about labour law and finally I’ve been a freelance translator, proofreader and editor for about one year.

About me

Passionate on languages and cultures since I was a child, I’m first of all a graduating student in language mediation, translation and interpreting, but I’ve also been working as a freelance translator for about one year up to now.

The skills acquired during university allowed me to access various translation fields, namely tourism, medicine, law, economics and finance, health, environment, beauty etc.

During my life I’ve been studying and working abroad for some periods, which gave me also direct experience concerning the practice of the language.

I know English, French, Spanish and for two years I’ve been even studying the basis of Chinese language.

Finally, I’m currently working hard as a freelance in order to get the more experience possible, but also to get specialised in different translation fields.

I’m a hard worker, my best qualities are efficiency, speed in delivery without neglecting extreme accuracy, as I always demand to myself the highest standards while working.

My Education as Spanish Translator

After a language high school diploma, ended up with best mark 100/100 cum laude, I’m currently getting my bachelor’s degree in language mediation, translation and interpreting, by the end of October.
I decided to focus on the legal field, particularly on labour law for my dissertation, which will be a complete translation of a document laid down during an international seminar on labour studies. More in details, it will concern natural and environmental disasters and how they affect the labour market.
I’ve then applied for accessing a master degree in specialised translation, which I hope I will succeed in.
I have attended courses concerning different topics during the years, the most relevant are: Cat tools, subtitling and translating for medias, legal translations, journalism translations, fashion translation industry, theory of translation studies.
I have a first aid certificate for volunteering.
I’ve been living abroad for some periods and got work experience, plus improving language practice.

Services I offer as Spanish Translator

Spanish Translator services, Spanish Editing services, Spanish Proofreading. services
I can offer very basic subtitling, if needed.

Spanish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Tourism, medicine, law, science, economics, finance, politics, health, environment, beauty, fashion.

1930256_10208551727174305_8034577574484404200_nSOL | Why Choose Me?

From this career full of opportunities and valuable experiences, I have learned so many things but when it comes to the relation between translator and client, two values become fundamental: quality and dependability. I have always strived for fulfilling both.Here you will find a responsible professional always eager to keep learning.

About me

I am a Sworn Spanish Translator born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My native language is Spanish but I have been studying English since I was a child. I love studying languages and translating. A combination of work and pleasure I practice with total responsibility and dedication.

I have been taught both in my family house and in school extremely important values such as honesty, ethics and responsibility. Honesty I constantly apply in my work assignments assuring the client a commitment throughout the project being honest with the quality of work and deadlines I promise. Ethics exercised in my personal and professional life being faithful with my principles in every decision I make. Responsibility is the main tool I implement in my daily work life. A clear example of this is my ten-year job as a permanent Spanish translator in a translation company with offices in Argentina and USA.

My Education as Spanish Translator

Interpretation Course in English – Degree: Interpreter in the English Language.
Sworn Translation Course in English- Degree: Sworn Translator in the English Language. Registration Number 6488. Book XVII. Page 344.
Course of International Editor of Spanish texts –Degree: International Editor of Spanish texts.
Spanish Translator accredited by the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CTPBA) and the Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes (AATI).
Training in closed caption transcripts, September 2013.

Training in Subtitling: subtitling course at Civisa Media, 6 hours, June 2011.

Attendance to the First Translation and Interpretation Congress in Uruguay, organized by the Colegio de Traductores Públicos del Uruguay, September 9-10, 2011.

Course about Spanish Grammar: Verbs I, II and Concordance, Accentuation, Diphthong, Hiatus in the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 9 hours, November 2010.

Course about press releases translation in the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 8 hours, June-July 2007.

Course about Trados software at AATI (Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes) 12 hours, April-May 2006.

High School- Instituto Santa María- Degree: Specialization in Accountancy.
Studies of French in Universidad del Museo Social Argentino

Services I offer as Spanish Translator

Spanish Translating services

 Human Science and Human Resources
 Web Pages
 Legal
 Travel
 Subtitling

Spanish Editing Services
Spanish Proofreading services


Spanish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Government / Politics Tourism & Travel
Law: Taxation & Customs Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Science (general) Retail
Psychology Media / Multimedia
Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Transport / Transportation / Shipping


ALFREDO | Why Choose Me?

  • Ascribe and ConfirmIt translation software.
  • Audio and video file transcriber, translator and proofreader from Italian and Spanish into English in the criminal, marketing, medical and pharmaceutical sector.
  • Proofreader and translator from Italian and Spanish into English of hand written and general documents. IT booklets, keywords and ads, B2B/Consumer surveys, online questionnaires and website in the community, legal, marketing and technical sector.
  • Consecutive and simultaneous face to face/telephone interpreter for Italian and Spanish speakers in the community, legal and marketing sector.
  • English, Italian and Spanish telephone interviewer, telemarketing, telesales, desk researcher (data analysis/collection/input, web analyst (Autodesk software and HP hardware).
  • Chief inspector for the Italian police.

About me

  • Italian and Spanish face to face and telephone consecutive/simultaneous interpreter.
  • Italian and Spanish overwriting, proofreader, translator and transcriber.
  • Italian and Spanish desk researcher and web analyst.
  • Management: security and hospitality.

I am a well organised, honest, calm, enthusiastic and positive person towards new challenges and targets. I am looking for a freelance job in the multilingual or marketing/social research sector.

My Education as Spanish Translator

Bsc in anthropology.
Spanish Community interpreter level 3 for Italian and Spanish speakers.
• ECDL level 2 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word 2010).
• IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Services I offer as Spanish Translator

Spanish Proofreading services, Spanish translation and transcription services.

Spanish Translation and Interpreting fields I specialise in

Translation of consumer, B2B surveys and online questionnaires, IT booklets, general and hand written documents (community services, legal, marketing, medical, and technical) and website
Audio file transcription and translation in the marketing, medical, pharmaceutical and criminal sector

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Spanish and Italian translation service for:
Business Advantage, Kantar Operations/TNS, Interpreting Direct, Language Connect (London-UK) and Protranslation (USA).
Transcription service for:
Language Connect, WorldOne Research (London-UK] and Translationary Global Languages LLC.