This is a picture of Diana Singureanu, provider of qualified Spanish Translators, Spanish Interpreters and Spanish Conference Interpreters. Spanish provides interpreting and translation services from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish and graduated with Master Awards in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies. She works with several Spanish Interpreters, Spanish Conference Interpreters, and Spanish Translators who provide Spanish Interpreting services Spanish Conference Interpreting Services and Spanish Translating services. Picture of spectacles signifying proofreading services provided by our Spanish Conference Interpreters, Spanish Interpreters and Spanish Translators

Spanish Conference Interpreter | Spanish Interpreter Services

Our team of qualified Spanish Conference Interpreters / Spanish Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT. They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).



Foto-perfilesJARED | Why Choose Me?

You will work with an enthusiast of languages and communication with university training in both areas. After a brilliant academic performance in Translation and Interpreting, acknowledged by an award for completing the best record of the year, I continued on developing my professional skills through a master’s degree in International Communication and another one in the field of Journalism. Currently, I keep building my linguist profile by means of an interesting PhD project, where my research is focused on simultaneous interpreting.

About me

I am a young translator, Spanish interpreter / Spanish Conference Interpreter and sport journalist who has started a new career in the United Kingdom less than one year ago.

As you can check from both my educational and professional curriculum, languages, communication and sports are my main passions and interests. That is why I have shared my dedication between such areas in the last few years, developing a combined profile that includes a solid experience in areas like teaching languages, Spanish Conference interpreting or commenting for the radio.

If you have read through the last paragraphs, you can guess one of my favourite activities in my free time is learning new languages. In fact, I am a confident speaker of French and Italian too. Of course, reading and watching the media, especially the sport news, is a must-do in my daily life. Books, cinema and doing sport are also a common resource to entertain myself and keep mentally and physically fit.

Apart from being a versatile worker, I would define myself professionally as a quick learner, with a great capacity to multitask and a quite developed attention to detail. I take work seriously and always try my best at anything I do.

My Education as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

– Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting. Pablo de Olavide University. 2008-2012, qualified Spanish Conference Interpreter
– Master’s Degree in International Communication, Translation and Interpreting. Pablo de Olavide University. 2012-2013.
– Master’s Degree in Sport Journalism. Valencian International University. 2013-2014.
– PhD in Simultaneous Interpreting. 2014-now
Translation and interpreting are disciplines where continuous learning is mandatory. Translator and interpreters do not need to be experts in every matter, but their knowledge of the topics they translate must be enough not to fail to the meaning of the source text. In my case, having been both a consumer and a producer of mass media has been a great help with this regard.

Attendance to specialised meetings of translators and interpreters is also an efficient way to keep updated with all the improvements taking place within an ever growing industry. As young sciences, research is also important for their theoretical development, being my PhD in Simultaneous Interpreting my small contribution.

– Online marketing intensive summer course

Services I offer as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

– Spanish Conference interpreting services
– Spanish Social interpreting services (hospitals, court or other administrations)
– Spanish Business interpreting services

  • Spanish Proofreading services
  • Spanish General translation services
  • Spanish Economic translation services
  • Spanish Scientific translation services
  • Localization services

Copywriter, content generator and communicator

Spanish Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

My most common assignments as a Spanish conference interpreter have been within the area of education, as Pablo de Olavide University is my most loyal customer. I am also confident with sports, geography, politics or socioeconomics. As a Spanish social interpreter, I have helped customers in different scenarios, ranging from hospital to job centres or banks. An accurate overview of the content of the meeting or reasons for the appointment by the client is always essential.
As the versatile professional I consider myself to be, I have rarely said no to a translation job because of the field it belonged to -unless time pressure or other inconveniences made it impossible. However, I feel especially confident in areas like localization (website translation), press articles, sport, economy, geography or technical texts.
Copywriter, content generator and communicator

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

I have had the opportunity to work with a number of clients as a Spanish translator, proofreader, localization engineer and bilateral and Spanish conference interpreter:
– City Council of Utrera
– Lycaweb LTD
– OnStar Europe
– International Relations, Pablo de Olavide Univerisity
– Faculty of Sports, Pablo de Olavide University
– Luton Borough Council
– Luton Register Office
– Luton Town Centre GP Surgery
– Luton & Dunstable Hospital
– Bedford Job Centre Plus
– Lloyds Bank

2013-09-24-22.56.10MELISSA | Why Choose Me?

I have over 13 years of experience as an Spanish interpreter and translator with a wide variety of experiences medically, legally, educationally, and within the community. I have a masters degree in Mass Communication and an undergraduate degree in International Relations and International Business. As with anything in life and business, I understand the necessity and complexity of being understood when communicating with others; which is why I take so much pride in my work, facilitating communication.

About me

I have been a medical, legal, educational, and community Spanish interpreter and translator for over 13 years both in the United States and in Latin America. With a Masters Degree in Mass Communication I am very fluent in mass media and public relations both in English and in Spanish.

Honesty- Being completely honest with what I am able to complete, understand, and reproduce in another language is of utmost importance to both myself and those who rely on me for services.

Respectful- Being respectful to others is incredibly important to me. Showing respect and receiving respect from clients, business partners, and friends makes any task easier to accomplish especially under stressful deadlines.

Loyalty and Integrity- Treating others the way that I would like to be treated in business settings is a matter of integrity.

Accountability and Adaptability- Being accountable at all times for my work and adapting to different situations go hand in hand when working with clients from different cultures. It is important that all are on the same page, especially myself as I communicate the meaning of messages.

Continuous learning- There are always things to be learned both personally and professionally and I take great pride in absorbing as much knowledge from all people in my life.

My Education as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Masters Degree in Mass Communications (May 2014)
GPA: 3.91/4.0
Concentrations: Public Relations and Advertising
Presentations and Publications: ‘Diversity in Media: Latinos and Immigration,’ ‘Keynote Address for Dr. Phil Tichenor,’ ‘Telling Stories for Our Good: EMT and EMS Responses to Trauma,’ Body Image in Mind and Spirit: The Use of Archetypes for those Living With PTSD,’ ‘Stories of Thriving in Hospice: Angels, Family, and Comfort’
Technical Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office 2013 and older, Adobe Creative Suite Cs6, Windows 7, & 8 OS, Mac OS & iOS Razors Edge, and Excellian

St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota
B.A. International Relations (May 2011)
Concentrations and Minors: Latin American Studies, International Business, and Anthropology

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Summer 2007)
Certificate of Completion of Advanced Medical Spanish

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Summer 2005)
Certificate of Completion of Intermediate Medical Spanish

Bridging the Gap Certificate for Interpreter and Translation Services (September 2013)

I attend many different conferences and seminars around the US and Latin America to stay on top of the current events and developments both culturally and politically.
Bridging the Gap certificate

Services I offer as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

Spanish Conference Interpreter, Spanish Business Interpreter, Spanish Court Interpreter, Spanish Community Interpreter, Spanish Educational Interpreter, Spanish Medical Interpreter, and much more.

  • Spanish Translator, Editor, Proofreading

Spanish Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Medical, legal, community, educational, business, university, and many more.

Legal, medical, community, business, and many more. I have translated documents from all over Latin America in fields ranging from natural resources, community development, complex medical documents, business plans, contracts, and legal cases of immigration and family matters.
Spanish proofreading and editing services

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Related Experience:

Spanish Interpreter and Translator. Linguistica, St. Louis, Missouri (Dec 2014-Present)
• Facilitate communication for limited-English patients (LEP’s) through the use of video interpreting online.
• Translate documents from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Spanish Interpreter and Translator. A&B Translations and Interpretations, St. Louis, Missouri (Dec 2014-Present)
• Facilitate communication for limited-English patients (LEP’s) through the use of video interpreting online.
• Translate documents from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Spanish Interpreter and Translator. All Access Interpreter Services, St. Louis, Missouri (Dec 2014-Present)
• Facilitate communication for limited-English patients (LEP’s) through the use of video interpreting online.
• Translate documents from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Dedicated Spanish Interpreter/ Interpreter Services Rep. United Hospital (Allina Hospitals and Clinics), St. Paul, Minnesota (Dec 2014-May 2015)
• Facilitate communication for all limited-English patients (LEP’s) through the use of video interpreters, over the phone interpreter services, and managed the use of agency face-to-face interpreters.
• Maintain 100% coverage rate. Guaranteeing that all 300+ languages have the interpreter needs met within a 1hour time frame.
• Present relevant cultural information to medical teams.
• Create and distribute all related public relations and advertising/marketing materials used by the department.

Medical Spanish Interpreter Allina Hospitals and Clinics, Minneapolis, Minnesota (October 2007- Dec 2014)
• Maintain a 99% rating for exceptional care through arriving on time and providing all interpreting needs between medical professional and patient or family, at times under extreme situations. Both face-to-face and video interpreting, with over 10,000 hours of combined experience.
• Successfully translated 100+ documents, along with all discharge information for patients, from English to Spanish or Spanish to English when necessary for patients understanding with limited English proficiency. Helped streamline the completion of translated documents with other Spanish Interpreters.
• Work closely with medical professionals to obtain best care for patient with consideration for cultural differences. Including a large presentation on medical terminology with the Somali Interpreters.
• Completed the Bridging the Gap Certification with a 97% on the final exam.
• Always completed requirements within the department before the deadline including more Continuing Education Credits than necessary to provide exceptional care for my patents and department.
• Worked with a small group of coworkers to develop the new mission statement for Interpreter Services.

ESL teacher assistant Monticello School District, Monticello, Minnesota (January 2005-July 2006)
• Received a “real-life” objective from an experienced ESL teacher.
• Worked with a group of twenty-four students to achieve educational and social objectives provided by Monticello School District #882.
• Worked with students and parents assisting them with their English education, concerns, and conferences.

Other Work Experience:

Director of Special Opportunities and Donations. The GOD’S CHILD Project, Antigua, Guatemala and Minneapolis, Minnesota (Sept 2015-June 2016)
• Sustain relationships with current large donors with 100% success rate
• Create new donor relations
• Plan, execute, and modify large projects for benefactors
• Manage all social media platforms
o 7 Facebook pages, 2 twitter accounts, 2 Google+ accounts, 1 Instagram account , 4 Flicker accounts , and 6 large on line campaign platforms to date.
• Manage all external communications including newsletters, personal mailings, advertising materials, and eblasts.
• Hostess fundraisers and large dinners for current benefactors and potential benefactors
• Sustain relationships with past, current, and potential volunteers and employees
• Create and maintain relations with ambassadors in Guatemala from 27 different countries around the world
• Grant applications and follow up for 7 different projects currently being executed in Guatemala
• Supervise and manage 5 individuals directly with a total of 250 individual employees under my charge
• Manage a budget of 3,500,000 for the entire program in Guatemala
• Plan and execute morning meetings for all staff and monitor progress of 27 different departments
• Attend and host conferences related to Human Trafficking and poverty in Guatemala

Graduate Assistant and Teacher Assistant St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota (August 2012- May 2014)
• Assisted 2 Professors of Mass Communication for 4 Semesters
 totaling 40 classes and 5 organizations
• Prepare course work and power points, grade tests and papers, advise students on assignments, oversee and proctor tests, and organize outside of class course activities.
• organize on-line materials on D2L (Desire 2 Learn)
• Assist professors with research for published papers
• Assistant professor for the National Advertising Competition course of 25 undergraduate students for 4 semesters.

Senior Sales Associate and Direct Marketer IDGI, Golden Valley, Minnesota (May 2012-June 2013)
• Responsible for five sales associates; included hands on training of products, locations, procedures, and account management. Set-up and organized morning and end of day meetings.
• Direct Marketing and sales for office products resulting in high business loyalty.
• Sales to business around Twin Cities, Woodbury, and Indianola, Iowa
• High degrees of customer relations and product knowledge

Office Manager, Broker, and CDL Driver J&L Transport, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (March 2005 – August 2007)
• Organized and filed office papers and tax documents
• Brokered loads in English and Spanish, and managed customer service
• Drove a semi for 12 months

Long Term Volunteer Common Hope, St. Paul, Minnesota and Antigua, Guatemala (June 2003 – February 2005)
• Long term volunteer residing in Antigua, Guatemala
• Worked in the Sponsorship office with multifaceted responsibilities including but not limited to: translator/interpreter of sponsor visits, creating reports/mailings for sponsors, photography, planning/organizing staff meetings, work side-by-side with Social workers, and much more.
• Set-up relations with Target Corporation for the donations of oral care products to be used in their dental hygiene program.

Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Monticello School District #882, Monticello, Minnesota (August 1999 – October 2007)

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

ATA, Interpreter Stakeholders of MN, UofM

ID-Photo-1DANIEL | Why Choose Me?

I am 100% bilingual with a very high level both in Spanish and english, both written and spoken. I am native english with excellent writing skills, I have a first class degree in Spanish from leeds university, I have lived for 15 years in Spanish-speaking countries including Colombia, Mexico and Spain, my Spanish is considered by native speakers to be at the same level as a native speaker. I have long experience in translation and Spanish interpreting, having worked in Colombia with companies including royal sun alliance, Crawford Colombia, pfizer and many others. I have done Spanish conference interpreting, personal business interpreting, translation of insurance reports and many other types of texts. I have a fast typing speed and wide vocabulary and therefore am able to translate texts rapidly. I have also done literary translation for the royal shakespeare company and BBC radio. my specialist areas include insurance, engineering, literature, charities, socio-political texts.

About me

I am a native english translator educated to masters level, with excellent writing abilities, and i speak and write spanish at the level of a highly educated native speaker (and without any foreign accent, so i can pass myself off as a native), having lived in Spanish-speaking countries for 15 years. i have worked as a Spanish translator for many years with companies such as royal sun alliance insurance, Crawford Colombia and pfizer, doing both text translations and interpreting, including Spanish conference interpreting. i type fast and coupled with my wide vocabulary (including specialist vocabulary in areas including insurance, engineering, literature, charities) this permits me to translate accurately and rapidly.

As a widely-travelled linguist i have learnt to appreciate and value different cultures and ways of thinking and expressing oneself. it is important to me to be honest and straightforward in dealing with other people, and i believe that if one has a positive and attentive attitude towards others, this is generally reciprocated. i set standards for myself in terms of punctuality, being true to my word, not letting people down, which correspond to the way i myself wish to be treated by others. i always strive to be good-humoured, friendly, approachable and optimistic, as i find that this makes life far more enjoyable and makes responsibilities less of a burden.

My Education as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

I have a first class degree (BA hons) in Spanish language and literature from the University of Leeds, my secondary subject in the first year was english. this degree included translation, and i obtained a very high grade in this area. I also have a master’s degree (MA) in latin american area studies from the institute of latin american studies, part of the university of London, in this master’s i was awarded a distinction. in all my studies from secondary school onwards i have always been an excellent student.
I have travelled widely in south america and lived in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador and have therefore studied and interacted profoundly with people from these cultures. i was also the manager of a charity for latin american migrants in London for 7 years, in which time i worked constantly with my languages, assisted and represented people in immigration and other tribunals, including Spanish interpreting, and managed Spanish interpreting services with volunteers. i have also worked in the area of human rights in Colombia, having carried out a research project concerned with young people at high risk of death from violence in the city of cali, Colombia. in my work and travels i have learned to deal with a wide range of disconcerting and stressful situations and as far as possible to remain calm and centred at all times. i am also an experienced teacher, i have a strong voice and, above all, a love of words..
i have a CELTA certificate in teaching of english as a foreign language to adults. i have taken courses on web site design, word, excel, and other software. i have also taken a number of acting courses

Services I offer as Spanish Interpreter and Spanish Conference Interpreter

Spanish conference interpreting services, Spanish business interpreting services, Spanish courts interpreting services

Spanish translating services, editing, proofreading, dubbing,


Spanish Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Insurance, engineering, legal, literature, charities, socio-political.
insurance, engineering, legal, literature, charities, socio-political. an important area of my work was the translation of many insurance reports for adjusters, dealing with a lot of engineering vocabulary in many cases.
language teaching